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August 19, 2008

Finding Rockhopper

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Finding Rockhopper isnt extremely hard. Well actually it is. The first thing to do in finding Rockhopper is almost never listen to people saying ROCKHOPPER IS IN MY IGLOO or things like that. Another thing to know is that sometimes you might not even see Rockhopper. If you see a large crowd surrounding someone ask what it is all about. Or maybe you could try the slow and tedious way searching server by server room after room. You could ask a buddy but that isnt a very reliable way either. Rockhopper I believe visits only the following places: The Migrator, Ship hold, Captain’s Quarters, Pizza Parlor (maybe), Dance Club (thanks to kate for notifying me), Iceberg, beach, town and the Cove. Im not certain of all of these so you may not see him in some of these places. After finding Rockhopper click on him and click the place where the buddy sign would usually be and you will get a free item. Hope this helps

Sunrise Moon


  1. I’ve never seen him at the snowforts. I’ve never even seen people SAY he’s at the snowforts. I’ve seen him in the ship’s hold and the captain’s quarters… No where else. I almost saw him today. I walked into the cove and saw people complaining about how he just left. hmn… Just giving my point of the story.

    Comment by Feran — August 21, 2008 @ 6:40 pm

  2. But now that i think about they musta been lying. He’s gone right now. lol. But i still fell for it.

    Comment by Feran — August 21, 2008 @ 6:42 pm

  3. Wow!
    This post was on my birthday!
    Sunrise Moon: Cool! It’s pretty old.

    Comment by Friezypop — November 30, 2008 @ 3:37 am

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