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February 11, 2009

Clothing Catalog…ANOTHER Project, AND MORE!

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Yes, you see the name of this post, it’s “Clothing Catalog and…ANOTHER Project???” you’re probably wondering about the “ANOTHER PROJECT???” part right now. Well, I won’t tell you…YET! I won’t be needing beta-testers for this one  (strike that, reverse it, I WILL be needing beta-testers!), and it will be a lot easier to update than Nicepets (which I am trying to, but to no avail). I probably won’t have very many pictures on it. Uh, I don’t think I will tell you anymore right now.

Catalog Secrets

Click on the “S” in “T-Shirts” …


…for the Blue Spikester Wig!


Click on the “E” in the “Penguins at Work” words at the top of the page by the same name…


…for the Pink Spikette Wig!


Click on the flashing light in the middle of the page with the rocker things…

flashing light

…for the Fruit Headress!

fruit headress

Go to the page with all the mexican items and click on the plant in the pot right above the Orange Sombrero…


…for the Viking Helmet!

viking helmClose and open the Viking Helmet window 4 times…

blue viking helm…for the Blue Viking Helmet! Click on the beak of the penguin jumping (two pages from the page with the last secret)…

beak…for the Russian Hat!

russian hatClick on the carrot nose of the snowman above the penguin in the snowman costume…

carrot nose

…for the Yellow Scarf!

yellow scarfClick on the “A” in “Clearance” on the second page with the word “CLEARANCE”…

A…for the Pink Pom Pom Toque!

toqueClick on the “L” in “Clearance” on the third page with the word “CLEARANCE”…

red hoodie…for the Red Hoodie! Not much new in the catalog…

Contest Winners

The big winner of the commenting contest is…JONOBRO (aka Lays28)! CONGRATZ! YOU WIN A THOUSAND DAY OLD PENGUIN WITH THE WORKS (yes, a LOT of itemz)!

Second place goes to…AUSTIN8310! You win a pretty old penguin!


If I messed up and someone else should get a prize then comment in and I will update this part of the post…

CP in French!

Did you know that CP is in French now? Well, you know it now!


It’s funny! That translates to be “Hello of the Moon of Sunrise” (I typed in the translator “Hello from Sunrise Moon”)! lol! Oh yeah, if you don’t know how to get to French CP just follow these steps!

1. Click on the drop-down list above your normal CP screen but to the right.

dropdown list

2. Click on the word “French” in it.

french3. Wait for the page to load and then enjoy French Club Penguin!

french cpThat’s about it fo’ now!

Sunrise Moon

November 18, 2008

French Club Penguin!

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I was on CP when I typed something else into the URL. I typed in and found CLUB PENGUIN IN FRENCH! They are obviously making it right now (you can’t go anywhere else on the site). Cookie will be really surprised when she finds out! Anyway, here is what the words on it mean:

It would be said that you took the wrong way. Here some links which will give you on the good way:


Plan of the site

What’s new blog

Oh! One last thing, if you beat the Sensei (after you become a black belt), you will get access to a secret room AND a secret ninja catalog with a ninja igloo and buy a ninja suit! Only members can get it 😦 . Hope to beat you in Card-Jitsu,

Sunrise Moon

P.S. Remember, its illegal to copy this without giving credit to my site AND a link!

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