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December 13, 2008

New Play, Better Igloos Catalog, Rockhopper and Coins For Change!

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Another update?: I’m working on a special project! It will be open for testing soon!

Update: Sorry if I removed your blog from my blogroll! I deleted almost all of them, but I added all of them to the Ultimate Blogroll. Please don’t be angry if I removed your blog!

Hi everyone, sorry for the late post, here are the cheats! For the new (old, it’s just returned)  play, I am trying out an online editing program. Click on the not-so golden puffle (well, not-so golden anymore)…


…For the Crook & Flail.


That’s all the cheats for this play! Next, igloo catalog! Close-ups starting now! Click on the mistletoe right next to Christmas Collections…


…For the Leaning Tree.

velvet rope

Click on the Velvet Rope…


…For the Welcome Mat (it’s not fair that they only welcome people named Matt). That’s it for the new Better Igloos Catalog. Now a random fact about the city, Cleveland. Cleveland’s original name was “Cleaveland”, but a newspaper dropped the “A” because “Cleveland” fit better in the newspaper headline. Now back to our program! Before I was so rudely interrupted by MYSELF, I was about to discuss Rockhopper! Ok, now for RH. Rockhopper is back! The key to “The Captain’s Quarters” is located in the back of the book, “The Journal of Captain Rockhopper”.


The book is in the Bookroom, above the Coffee Shop.


That’s the key, now on to Coins For Change! Coins for Change is basically a charity. Club Penguin splits and donates $1,000,000 to different charities. We get to choose how much money goes to a charity. You donate by giving coins. There is a free item (the bell) you can get! 


The bell is at the Plaza, and the Beach. Hope to see you on CP,

Sunrise Moon

P.S. I will be updating a bit of the RH finding guide. Also, check out the Rockhopper Tracker on the right of this page.

November 10, 2008

New part of the Dojo revealed and more!

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Update: A new page is coming to this site soon!



Second, more of the roof on the Dojo has been revealed!


Cool, right? There is a new ninja shadow: Click the “N” in the “Nightclub” sign and a ninja will come out!


Here is a pic of the ninja:


You can also see a ninja if you wait 5 minutes:

At the Lighthouse


On top of the Pet Shop

pet shop

The HQ


and last of all, the Ski Hill

ski hill

In other news, the snowball fight was a success! Lots of people came! Here are some pictures:

Thanks everyone who came! One last thing! Coins for change is returning! I hope there is a NEW free item.


Hope to see you on CP,

Sunrise Moon

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