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February 11, 2009

Clothing Catalog…ANOTHER Project, AND MORE!

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Yes, you see the name of this post, it’s “Clothing Catalog and…ANOTHER Project???” you’re probably wondering about the “ANOTHER PROJECT???” part right now. Well, I won’t tell you…YET! I won’t be needing beta-testers for this one  (strike that, reverse it, I WILL be needing beta-testers!), and it will be a lot easier to update than Nicepets (which I am trying to, but to no avail). I probably won’t have very many pictures on it. Uh, I don’t think I will tell you anymore right now.

Catalog Secrets

Click on the “S” in “T-Shirts” …


…for the Blue Spikester Wig!


Click on the “E” in the “Penguins at Work” words at the top of the page by the same name…


…for the Pink Spikette Wig!


Click on the flashing light in the middle of the page with the rocker things…

flashing light

…for the Fruit Headress!

fruit headress

Go to the page with all the mexican items and click on the plant in the pot right above the Orange Sombrero…


…for the Viking Helmet!

viking helmClose and open the Viking Helmet window 4 times…

blue viking helm…for the Blue Viking Helmet! Click on the beak of the penguin jumping (two pages from the page with the last secret)…

beak…for the Russian Hat!

russian hatClick on the carrot nose of the snowman above the penguin in the snowman costume…

carrot nose

…for the Yellow Scarf!

yellow scarfClick on the “A” in “Clearance” on the second page with the word “CLEARANCE”…

A…for the Pink Pom Pom Toque!

toqueClick on the “L” in “Clearance” on the third page with the word “CLEARANCE”…

red hoodie…for the Red Hoodie! Not much new in the catalog…

Contest Winners

The big winner of the commenting contest is…JONOBRO (aka Lays28)! CONGRATZ! YOU WIN A THOUSAND DAY OLD PENGUIN WITH THE WORKS (yes, a LOT of itemz)!

Second place goes to…AUSTIN8310! You win a pretty old penguin!


If I messed up and someone else should get a prize then comment in and I will update this part of the post…

CP in French!

Did you know that CP is in French now? Well, you know it now!


It’s funny! That translates to be “Hello of the Moon of Sunrise” (I typed in the translator “Hello from Sunrise Moon”)! lol! Oh yeah, if you don’t know how to get to French CP just follow these steps!

1. Click on the drop-down list above your normal CP screen but to the right.

dropdown list

2. Click on the word “French” in it.

french3. Wait for the page to load and then enjoy French Club Penguin!

french cpThat’s about it fo’ now!

Sunrise Moon

February 4, 2009

Commenting Contest!

Commenting contest alert! It’s been a LONG time since I’ve done a contest!


1st Place: Mystery penguin (probably not worth going for).

Go to to see a picture of it!

2nd Place: Pretty cool penguin.


3rd place: Get your CP name mentioned on this site and the satisfaction of a job well done!


1. Commenting only counts on this post.

2. You can use numbers (they are preferred too).

3. You can chat (you must follow all of the commenting rules though).

4. Lying about how many comments you have will get you disqualified (don’t worry, if it’s obviously a mistake, I will let you go through without punishment).

5. HAVE FUN! Psst, I probably shouldn’t tell you this but, if you say say “Sunrise Moon is UBER cool!” for 20 more comments added to your total!

Hope you win!

Sunrise Moon

January 3, 2009

Contest Winners and New Catalog and Pin!

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Update: Thanks to Cookie Malt for donating the membership!

Hey everyone! There is a new pin, new Clothing Catalog and we are having a PARTY!

New Pin

First, there is a new pin located in the Ski Lodge Attic.


It’s a Gingerbread Man! Does that mean the next pin will be a cookie? Cookie Malt would love it if it was!

Clothing/Wig Catalog

Now for the Clothing/Wig Catalog (I say Clothing/Wig because they are merged now!)

Blue-SpikesterClick on the red paint can in the bottom left corner for the Blue Spikester.

Pink-SpikesterClick on the middle of the blue circle on the left side of the page for the Spikette.

Fruit-HeadressClick on the vase with the flowers in it (near the bottom of the page) for the Fruit Headdress. Now I have to do close-ups.

giftClick on the orange gift under the tree on page 7…

yellow-scarf…for the Yellow Scarf.

mountainClick on the mountain on page 9 in the top left corner…

Russian-Hat…for the Russian Hat.

TreeClick on the top of the snowy tree on page 11…

Viking-Helm…for the Viking Helmet.

Snowy-treeClose the Viking Helmet secret window and open it three times…

Blue-Viking-Helm…for the Blue Viking Helmet.

Top-of-hatClick on the top hat of the snowman behind the penguin in the snowman suit on page 14…

Pink-Pom-Pom-Toque…for the Pink Pom Pom Toque.

snowflakeClick on the middle of the snowflake just above the purple penguin’s left mitten on page 19 (boy, that’s a mouthful!)

Red-Hoodie…for the Red Hoodie.

Part with a Y

That’s all except…yes, you saw the name of this part of the post! It’s time for another…PARTY! Here is the info:

What Day: January 3, 2009 (tomorrow).

What Time: 4:00 PST (By the way, I will definitely make it to this one!)

Which Server: Tundra

Which Room: We will start at the Iceberg, and then I will shout out a place. Everyone has to go to that place immediately!

Why: Fo’ fun! That’s why! Oh yeah, I guess you could celebrate 2009 there too…

What will we do: We will have a magic show to see who can perform the “magic” tricks on the Fun Stuff page the best. We will also have a race with about two referees (to see how to race, check the Fun Stuff page).

Membership Contest

We are now announcing the winner of the membership contest. The winner…of the membership contest is…


Congratulations Yellowlassie! Your prize will be e-mailed to you soon! The winner of the referral contest will be announced very soon.


2nd Place won being a tester for Sunrise’s new game. Congratulations Chowchow2! He won with his comic (starring his other penguin, Bobo650):



Hope to see you at our part with a Y,

Sunrise Moon & Cookie Malt

December 23, 2008

Membership Contest

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Update: Contest over! Congratulations to Yellowlassie and Chowchow2 for winning!

For our Christmas present to you all here on Club Penguin Cheats, we are having a membership contest! In order to participate you have to submit fan artwork. Click to read more! (more…)

December 8, 2008

Contest! Oh yeah!

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Hey everyone! I have a new rare penguin contest for you! Here is what you can win:


1st Place – A penguin that in FIVE DAYS (December 12, 2008) will be 1000 days old! It’s wearing its oldest items (or older).


2nd Place – This penguin in 11 days (December 18, I think) it will be 300 days old. It is wearing, uh, heheh, most of it’s items. Now, you probably want to know “HOW DO I WIN THIS, AMAZING CONTEST?” Here’s how! First, tell as many people as you can about this website. Tell them to comment on this post something like this:

Referrer: Your penguin name (if you have no refferer then leave this place blank)

Penguin Name: Your penguin name

That’s it! For every person you refer, you will get one more of your penguin name put into a hat. I will pull a name out of the hat when the contest ends! You must comment this way too:

Referer: Your penguin name (if you have no refferer then leave this place blank)

Penguin Name: Your penguin name

Do not act like you refererred someone. I will check each IP address (lets me know if it’s a different computer). If you share a computer with someone else, e-mail me at and I will let the other person do it on the same computer. Your friend MUST use a different computer than yours. If you cheat you can be disqualified (and I have ways to find cheaters), so DO NOT cheat. Hope you win,

Sunrise Moon

November 22, 2008

The winners of the Funny pictures contest…

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And the next winner of the funny picture contest is… AUSTIN8310! Congratulations on winning this FAB old penguin! Here is his funny picture:


Congratulations to all the penguins that entered! Here are two honorable mentions:


Lays 28's comic



Chowchow2's picture

 Ok! Someone has commented twenty-five times and got their penguin written about at the bottom of this post.

Penguin: Bojab123.

Here is a picture of his playercard:
His website link is Hope to see you on CP,
Sunrise Moon

P.S. (I’ve been doing a lot of P.S.s lately haven’t I?) We are having a membership contest soon!

November 19, 2008

15,000 hits Party =)

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It looks like it’s time for A PARTY! Here is the information:

Time: 5:00 Pm PST

Date: Friday, November 21, 2008

Server: Frosty

Room: Iceberg (we will be moving to different rooms, this is just where the party starts)

What we’ll be doing: Playing all the multi-player games (Card-Jitsu too), walking around, having fun.

Why: 15,000 HITS!

We may be having a snowball fight too! I will write about ONE penguin of my choosing in a post. Hope to see you there,

Sunrise Moon

P.S. The winner of the Funny Pictures contest will be announced soon!

November 13, 2008

New contest and the Blue Club

We are having another rare penguin contest! This penguin is over 600 days old. It has a LOT of items. It is currently not a member. Here is a picture of it:

Now for the “How to win the penguin” part. To win the penguin you must make the funniest picture. All entries will be posted onto the Funny pictures page. Here is how to take a picture. If you have a Mac computer, go here: If you have a Windows computer then follow these instructions: Hold down the button on your keyboard labeled PtSc/SysRq for three seconds. Go to Paint and click paste and then your whole screen will be pasted onto Paint. From here you can crop it down (recommended). Now just e-mail us the picture (our e-mail is or you can comment in a link if you use a photo sharing website. Here is a kind of funny story of the play CP twice at the same time glitch: I had about 6 penguins up and I made a circle with them all. They were all light blue. All these penguins said “Whoa!” and “Cool!” or “How do you do that?”. I said “It’s a glitch” and people would join my “Blue Club” and say “Were a glitch,” lol, they didn’t understand so I said “Won penguin (one is blocked on CP) is using all these penguins” and then people would say “Who is won penguin?” lol. It was pretty funny. Soon I kept saying “We are Sunrise” with all the penguins to make them look like bots and someone joined and then said “We are Sunrise” too. Lol! Have fun with the contest,

Sunrise Moon

November 1, 2008

Commenting contest!

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Update on the update: This contest has ended. The penguin went to Eric E.

UPDATE: CONTEST WILL NOW END ON WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 5, 2008. One more thing! Hint: Highlight the post.

There isn’t very much happening on CP (except for the Halloween party) so I decided to have a commenting contest! The winner will get this penguin:

I would have given one more stocked with items but Cookie wasn’t willing to donate any of her four back-up penguins. This penguin is MORE THAN 600 days old! I will try to get him a lot of coins. Anyway to win this penguin all you have to do is comment on this post. Here are the rules:

1. No advertising

2. Numbers are allowed

3. No advertising

4. You can chat if you get bored

5. I will decide if I will show the comments or not

6. No spamming (doing comments like adjghsda)

Contest will end November 15, 2008. Thats about it! Hope you win it,

Sunrise Moon

Type in “SUNRISE MOON AND COOKIE MALT ROCK!” for 50 extra comments. Eg. if you do 100 then on the 100th comment you say “SUNRISE MOON AND COOKIE MALT ROCK!” then you will get 150 comments! Have fun! P.S. You can only use it 1 time. 

October 18, 2008

Back from Fair!

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The Fair was fun! I’m not in a writing mood so I will keep this short. First CP has brought back the Eyepatch item (a personal favorite of mine). You can get it by going onto his ship and then going into the Hold. In the bottom right corner is a catalog that RH brings every time he comes. On there is a free item!

Click “Receive Item”, click yes and you have it! It is useful for many Halloween costumes. Clubpenguin is having an anniversary party in real life! It will be in New York at Time Square. You have to get an invitation to be able to attend:

Just click on the picture to go and (try) to get an invitation. I think CP will have a raffle for who gets to attend and who doesn’t. It looks like the new party hat will be this:

I’m not positive but it has been all over the CP blog so you just have to assume… A good (and easy) way to find Rockhopper is to use the Rockhopper tracker near the bottom of this page and on the right. Another way is to read the “How To Find Rockhopper” page. To get there click on the “How To Find Rockhopper” on the right of this page (again). Want a chance to get a penguin that has a lot of items? Go here: Then comment in something like this:

Refferer: Sunrise Moon

Penguin Name: Your penguin name here

Email: Your email here

Website (if you have one):

There will be a raffle and if your penguin name gets chosen, you get a penguin! Hope to see you on CP,

Sunrise Moon

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