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October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

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Update: You can meet Gary the Gadget Guy!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to say have a happy Halloween wherever you are! In other news: you can meet Gary the Gadget Guy! If you find him click the place where the buddy sign normally is and you will get a background. If you see him try to take a picture. Here is a picture of his playercard:

I’m not sure but you may only be able to find him in the Laboratory (the one in the Bookroom, the one thats for members only 😥 ). Hope you find him,

Sunrise Moon

October 30, 2008

Funny Pictures Poll…

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UPDATE: We are separating the funny pictures into edited and non-edited groups! There were 9 votes for yes and 3 for no. Thanks to all who voted!

Hey Guys! It’s Cookie! Sorry I haven’t really posted at all…that’s more of Sunrise’s thing. So I really need your help. Sunrise wants to mix up the funny pictures page to include both edited and non-edited ones. It’s kind of weird, but I really don’t want him to do that. I keep telling him to separate the edited and non-edited pictures, but he doesn’t want to do that. It would be more organized and for those of you who prefer non-edited pictures, you can just look at those if you want. So please vote and tell what you would like!


Cookie Malt

Should we separate edited pictures from non-edited pictures on the “Funny Pictures” page?
( surveys)

By the way, there’s this really cool halloween costume from a while back that I want! This is what it looks like:


P.S. (this part is Sunrise Moon writing) I met another beta, a famous penguin (I think) and someone who could be a famous penguin (someone was saying “!” “ITS GATOR!”. Here are pictures:

This is Wanted Blue (the beta)

Cruiseb (he may be famous, I think I saw a website about him)

Again a maybe famous penguin (the one where someone was saying “!” “ITS GATOR!”. Once again I saw them ALL on the server Frozen. I’m thinking of moving our theme server to Frozen. Comment in what you think about this. If you think yes, what room and if you think no, why not? Hope to see you on CP,

Sunrise Moon

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