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February 22, 2009

Puffle Party!

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It’s finally here! The Puffle Party has arrived, and, I started a new trend (that I bet no one will believe I started, that is, except for Lokixv, who was with me when I did)! Super heroes! I started with Spider Man…

spiderpenguinOr rather, should I say Spider Penguin! Then Lok caught on, other people saw us doing it, and…let’s just say if you see the Green Goblin, Catwoman, Spider Man, or any other heroes, tell the person where it started! lol! So, the free item [is old] is in the cove.

free-itemYep, the free item is the Puffle Bandana…Also, a new puffle is coming out!

white-puffleIt’s the White Puffle! To see it, go to the Dojo Exterior on every half hour or hour mark (e.g. 1:30, 2:00, 2:30, 3:00). It’s pretty cool! I forgot to post about my new “project”. This is not really it, just another idea I had…the website URL is I’m updating funny pictures with as many funny photos as I can find! There is a new room (specifically for this party, meaning it will leave soon!), it’s the Puffle Feeding Grounds:

puffle-feeding-groundsWhen you throw a snowball in there, it turns into an O berry. That’s it for now, I will post furniture catalog secrets soon,

Sunrise Moon

January 16, 2009

Membership Party and Furniture Sneak-Peek!

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Update: How could I forget the new pin? Oh well, the new pin is located at the Snow Forts! It’s a Taco…yes, for the Mexican Fiesta party coming soon!

tacoWe now return you to your regular post!

It’s finally here! The membership party! YAY! There is one free item: the Boombox!

boombox-free-itemIt’s pretty cool what you can do with it! You can breakdance!

breakdancingIs it me, or does this not seem to much like a Club Penguin item? There is a little control box in the top left corner of the Dance Club.

controllerIf you press buttons on it you can change the colors of the Dance Floor! There is a brand-new game!

dance-contestIt’s called “Dance Contest”! It’s mostly a take off on other games though (like DDRmax). A sign welcomes all who come into the Dance Club!

signI was on a low-penguin server so for like, five minutes it only welcomed me! lol! You can go on-top of the Night Club!

night-club-roofIt’s pretty cool, right? The Dance Lounge is also nicely decorated:

Dance-LoungeWell, that’s about it! Oh wait, don’t forget to keep visiting Nicepets!

Sunrise Moon

November 14, 2008

New feature and grand re-opening of the Dojo!

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You can now mute the music and find out what server you are on! Just click on the question mark icon in your chat bar.


I like it! I have always wanted to mute the music (once I found out a glitch how to do it but I didn’t have a Club Penguin website then). In other news (this is big) THE DOJO HAS BEEN RE-OPENED! You have to check it out to see everything but it is so cool! There are free ninja sandals!


The best thing is the inside of the Dojo! It’s been changed a LOT! There is a gong with a countdown and then when the countdown ends you can throw snowballs at it to make it go “GONG”.


Not that exciting. Look around the Dojo, maybe you can find some ninja secrets. One last thing, we are having a ninja party soon. That is all I can tell you right now. Hope to see you on CP,

Sunrise Moon! (with an exclamation point)

November 10, 2008

New part of the Dojo revealed and more!

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Update: A new page is coming to this site soon!



Second, more of the roof on the Dojo has been revealed!


Cool, right? There is a new ninja shadow: Click the “N” in the “Nightclub” sign and a ninja will come out!


Here is a pic of the ninja:


You can also see a ninja if you wait 5 minutes:

At the Lighthouse


On top of the Pet Shop

pet shop

The HQ


and last of all, the Ski Hill

ski hill

In other news, the snowball fight was a success! Lots of people came! Here are some pictures:

Thanks everyone who came! One last thing! Coins for change is returning! I hope there is a NEW free item.


Hope to see you on CP,

Sunrise Moon

October 29, 2008

Halloween Party!

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The long-awaited Halloween party is finally here! Lets get right to the free-items. To get a free-item, you have to find and collect things on CP. Here is how to get them: Go to the Snow Forts and click on a blue flag to lower it. Wait for a second and then a candy bar will rise up in place of the flag.

The next treat is in the Dance Lounge. Click on the lamp in the back-left corner of the room and then a piece of candy corn will appear.

The third piece of candy is in the Lodge Attic. Click on the box that is on top of all the other boxes in back-right corner of the room. A sucker will rise up out of it.

The next piece of candy is in the cauldron at the Plaza. The cauldron is in the front-right corner of the room. Click on the brew inside and a piece of candy will rise up.

For the next piece of candy go to the Cove and click the caution sign. A pumpkin candy will hop from behind it onto the top of the surfing game.

The next and (almost) last piece of candy is at the Iceberg. The Northern (or Souther) Lights can be seen from there. Click on the middle and a piece of candy will materialize from no where.

The second to last piece of candy is almost yours! Go to the Lighthouse Beacon, wait for lighting to flash three times and then a piece of candy will come out in the eye of the pumpkin.

The LAST piece of candy is in the Book Room. The drag your cursor over the book at the top of the shelf and then a piece of candy will roll out.

Collect your prize and get the Pumpkin Patch background! There is a secret room with a free-item. I can’t get in it ’cause I’m not a member. Here is how to get in it: Click on the candle on the bookshelf in the Book Room, walk in. You need a Rad Scientist’s costume to get in.

The Candy Bag item has returned. Its at the Snow Forts.

Thats it! You now have everything! Look around CP, a lot of things have been decorated, EVEN THE GIFT SHOP! Hope to see you on CP,

Sunrise Moon

P.S. I met two famous penguins, a fake famous penguin and a LOT of copy bots yesterday.

I met Fano

Fake Rsnail

I met them ALL yesterday, ALL on the Frozen server. The fake Rsnail was controlling all these Copy Bots. I also met (and buddied) Li Gi 99 yesterday (yes, on the Frozen server too)! That was cool.

October 18, 2008

Back from Fair!

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The Fair was fun! I’m not in a writing mood so I will keep this short. First CP has brought back the Eyepatch item (a personal favorite of mine). You can get it by going onto his ship and then going into the Hold. In the bottom right corner is a catalog that RH brings every time he comes. On there is a free item!

Click “Receive Item”, click yes and you have it! It is useful for many Halloween costumes. Clubpenguin is having an anniversary party in real life! It will be in New York at Time Square. You have to get an invitation to be able to attend:

Just click on the picture to go and (try) to get an invitation. I think CP will have a raffle for who gets to attend and who doesn’t. It looks like the new party hat will be this:

I’m not positive but it has been all over the CP blog so you just have to assume… A good (and easy) way to find Rockhopper is to use the Rockhopper tracker near the bottom of this page and on the right. Another way is to read the “How To Find Rockhopper” page. To get there click on the “How To Find Rockhopper” on the right of this page (again). Want a chance to get a penguin that has a lot of items? Go here: Then comment in something like this:

Refferer: Sunrise Moon

Penguin Name: Your penguin name here

Email: Your email here

Website (if you have one):

There will be a raffle and if your penguin name gets chosen, you get a penguin! Hope to see you on CP,

Sunrise Moon

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