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November 21, 2008

New Igloo Catalog, pin, new play and Ninjasunrise’s Ninja Band

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Ok, here is where the new pin is! The new pin is at (drumroll please) THE BEACH! Right next to the Lighthouse door.


It’s a Snowflake Tile pin. Now for the new play. There is ONE item hidden in the Costumes Catalog. To get it click on the boom box (stereo) above Twee and to the right of the sign.


Since I’m on a different computer I can’t edit the picture(s). Here’s a close up view of the stereo (closest to editing I can get).


You win a new SILVER WAND!

zilver (z) wand

Ok, that’s it for the new play. Now for the Better Igloos catalog. Flip to the first page and click on the Christmas Ribbon…

page 1

Time for the close-up…

christmas ribbon

So now let me continue my sentence. Click on the Christmas Ribbon for the Leaning Tree.

leaning tree

Ok, I won’t bore you any longer. Click on the Terminal…


Close-up please.


So click the terminal for the Welcome Mat.

welcome mat

Last secret (already!?). Go to the last page before the end of the catalog and click on the Guitar Stand…

Guitar stand

Close-up (is this getting boring?).

guitar stand2

Ok… before I was so rudely interrupted by myself, I was about to finish my sentence. Click on the Guitar Stand for the Music Stand.

Music Stand

Now for the exciting part. I have a new page coming soon and a band of ninjas! To join Ninjasunrise’s Ninja Band (NNB) you have to be a ninja, have access to the Fun Stuff page (updates on wars, and things will be there) AND you have to tell us your penguin name. The Fun Stuff page isn’t updated for this QUITE yet but will be soon. Now before I end this wonderful post I have to tell you all one thing… CHEESE! Hope to see you at our party (which you can find information about it here),

Sunrise Moon & Ninjasunrise

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