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January 6, 2009

Member Party Sneak-Peek :-0

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There’s going to be a member party soon! CP gave a sneak-peek:

picture-1-eventI  think it’s going to be a music party! What do you think it will be? Comment what you think it will be in!

Sunrise Moon

P.S. Party for us coming soon?

December 10, 2008

Christmas Party!

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OK, we are trying to improve on everything you all voted on! So, first on the list was, MORE PARTAYS! You want parties, you get parties. We will have a Christmas party, BUT…You will have to figure out the clues (scary music)! Near the start of the party I will post all the answers so everyone gets a chance to come! The first clue is…. Do I have to tell you? Oh alright, the first clue is: Unscramble this word:


Once you unscramble it, you will have the server! epoH ot ees uoy no PC,

Noom Esirnus Sorry, had to talk backwards!


October 20, 2008

Party Clue Answers

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Update on the update: I had to re-schedule it again ‘cuz I will be camping. Sorry! This whole time I thought I had set it for Sunday… Anyway, I am changing JUST THE DATE ok, so re-read it.

Update: I re-scheduled it because a lot of the people couldn’t make it, so read it again.

The party clue answers are:

Time – 6:00 PST time (I had to re-scheduled again)

Place – Dojo (to get there click on the purple-ish mountains on your map)

Date: October 26, 2008 (re-scheduled that too) (re-scheduled again)

Server: Half Pipe

Hope to see you there,

Sunrise Moon

October 19, 2008

Party clue?

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Update: To see the answers, the password for the above post is Sunrise Moon.

Hi! Do you know the answer to this party clue? (Hint: highlight)

You found the secret clue! The date of the party will be btorce the tetnyw cedosn (hint: just unscramble the words)

Sunrise Moon

October 11, 2008

Party clue

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Don’t include the first word of the thing in the picture. Once you figure both these you will have the server. Have fun!

Sunrise Moon

P.S: Click here for the previous party clue.

P.S.S: Click here for the first party clue.

October 8, 2008

Party clue

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Update (again?!): To do the second clue you have to pay attention to the capital letters and the punctuation. Try the second clue again and the 1st clue will not be used at all. There will be a new clue. But keep on trying for the second clue, that one is still being used.

Update: The time listed in the second clue is at AM not PM. The first clue will not be used either (by the way, this isn’t in anyway part of the clues)

1. clue

these two pictures equal the server

2. this party clue should be Easy for aLl of you to do, just ask mE if you need any help; seVen of you are buddiEs with me (about seveN). my membershiP haS ended and have you guessed This clue yet?

see you on cp,

sunrise moon

ps: there are two party clues hidden in this post. can you find them?

pss: if you need the last party clue go here.

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