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April 26, 2009

Working on More Things in the Summer

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I know I haven’t really done much in the last couple of months, but that is kind of because of school. I have created a new page, “ideas,” for you to leave your ideas with me for new games etc. I will be working on these more in the summer, and hopefully I will have finished a project by the end of that summer month. I will finish a project a month, but I will need volunteers to help take care of it. I do not need them yet, so DO NOT ASK! I will need them in the summer. Keep checking back! 😀 8-D

-Sunrise Moon

February 16, 2009

Releasing another project soon and Happy birthday Cookie!

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Yeah, I’m almost done with another project! I will post it tomorrow so keep checking back…

Fine, I have ANOTHER project after this. Though you probably won’t see this. If you do, comment that you saw it!

Oh yeah! I almost forgot! Today is Cookie’s birthday! Happy birthday Cookie!

Sunrise Moon

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