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January 9, 2009

“Project” Sneak-Peek and Contest!

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Update: Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl play is back…no cheats in the catalog. Also, our hit rates are dropping! The more you visit, the more I will post. Please try and comment a lot.

New Newspaper

Hey everyone! There is a new newspaper! It says there will be a new game soon! The game will arrive with the member party. The game will have to do with dancing! Sounds pretty cool! I hope it will give lots of coins! The member party will be a dance-off in a way. In other news, Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl play is returning… 😦 . Yes, returning, for the 3rd time…

“Project” Sneak-Peek

I haven’t presented a project sneak-peek in a long time, so here is one.

project-sneak-peekMost of these sneak-peeks aren’t directly related to the project, but they are on the site. Whoops, I said site! Oh noes! Now you know there will be another web site for it! 😛 I better keep this info to myself… You won’t tell anyone will you? BTW, we will not have certain people for testers. Testing will be open to everyone (sorry to everyone we already said was a tester! You still are, just there will be a LOT more testers). That’s around it! Hope to see you on CP,

Sunrise Moon

October 23, 2008


There isn’t much going on except for: Rockhopper will be here for the party tomorrow and he will “help” us celebrate! The anniversary party will be here tomorrow so get ready to part-ay! Don’t forget the other party that this website is holding. It is in two days! Go here to see more information on our upcoming party.

Sunrise Moon

October 16, 2008

Halloween Newspaper!

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Update: I will be gone for at least today and probably tomorrow (to the fair!) so I won’t be able to post tomorrow.

First in CP news is that this years anniversary party will last two days more!

The eclipse that always makes CP dark around Halloween time may not be here this year! I’m sure G will save the day and make a new “light sucker-inner” machine.

Don’t you just love that alliteration (Eclipse Expert Extinguishes Expectations, bet you can’t say it five times and fast)? Last of all Rockhopper will be here tomorrow! I know some of you have been saying that his ship is as slow as a snail (which it isn’t) but it will all be worth waiting for! His ship adds 1, 2, 3, 4, yep you count ’em FOUR NEW ROOMS! To bad he doesn’t dock his ship for good here…

It’d be funny if when he was here you would be staring the puffle in the eye. Lol, well anyway, that’s about it. See you on CP,

Sunrise Moon

October 9, 2008


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Update on the Update: Nevermind about the message G sent. It is just saying that the new mission is here.

Update: G has sent a secret message to me (and I assume, everyone who completed the new mission) I will have an update on it soon

Hi everyone!

The new newspaper has been talking an awful lot about ninjas, there is even a page with the Dojo in it.

In other news the new play will be here in two days! I’m excited about this play because it looks ten times better than the first space play. I hope it will be made in the same way that the detective play was made; the detective play had indoor and outdoor scenes AND two pins!

The CP Anniversary Party is almost here! They ALWAYS come with a party hat! The last party hat was orange. I think this one will be blue or red. Here is a pic:

The Beta Party hat (the one from the first party) looked like this:

A Halloween Party is in view! The Halloween Parties are always fun; the decorations are spectacular (and you don’t see me using that word very often) and there will be an igloo contest! The igloo contest will always give out for the grand prize winner, 10,000 coins. Scroll over the tiny igloo at the bottom of the Halloween Party page and it will give you some more details on the igloo contest.

Thats all, if you have any more info, email me at Hope to see you on CP,

Sunrise Moon

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