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March 25, 2009

To Tell the Truth

I’m ready to quit blogging. I’ve gotten lazy in posting. I may stay, but if I do, I will have authors BESIDES me to post. I will still use this blog to advertise and stuff for my “projects”. It’s most likely I won’t quit, but I am ready too. Comment in and I will decide if I want to use you to post. If I do, you will not be allowed, NOT ALLOWED to post pointless posts that only have the name and less than a sentence of words. You will have to at least TRY to use correct punctuation and grammar. If there are no photos in your posts, I may add them. One last thing: You are not allowed to post something like “GO TO (insert penguin name/blog here)’s WEBSITE! IT’S AWESOME! You may advertise your website in one sentence at the ends of your posts, but nothing else like that. You can have parties, and post party info. That’s it for now!
Sunrise Moon (signing off???)

February 13, 2009

New Pin, Puffle Update, and Town Change!

Yay! Puffles can now play with their toys! I never liked puffles before this because it was a waste of coins to always have to feed them and stuff like that. Now, they can eat, drink, and play with their toys and it improves their stats! All my puffles ran away (not because I wasn’t feeding them, I fed them, got offline, came on, they were gone! Same thing happened to Cookie to…) but in honor of the puffle party, I am buying a new puffle!

puffle-thingOk, I will buy a Yellow Puffle.

buyYes, I want to buy it! Didn’t I just say that though?

cheatI think “Cheat” is a good enough name, don’t you? Well, my puffle is in my iggy now, playin’ an’ a playin’. Also, they came out with beds for your igloo!

soft-pillowI need a softer pillow though ;-). New pin;

pinYou guessed it (hopefully)! It’s in the underground mine! Uh, is that it? Oh wait! Go to the Town and Plaza for a special surprise!

surpriseHighlight after this to see how I did that: Go to the one of the ladders, click above it and you will “climb” it, onto the Coffee Shop or Gift Shop!

That’s it except a couple of glitches (the multiplying furniture glitch) were fixed. Those who did it the negative way, still have the negatives in their inventory and can keep get an infinite number of that piece of furniture until you put all the furniture pieces back in your inventory! Hope to see you at the puffle party next Friday,

Sunrise Moon

Can you wait for my next project? If you see this, Comment that you saw it and I might give you a clue about my next project…

February 4, 2009

Commenting Contest!

Commenting contest alert! It’s been a LONG time since I’ve done a contest!


1st Place: Mystery penguin (probably not worth going for).

Go to to see a picture of it!

2nd Place: Pretty cool penguin.


3rd place: Get your CP name mentioned on this site and the satisfaction of a job well done!


1. Commenting only counts on this post.

2. You can use numbers (they are preferred too).

3. You can chat (you must follow all of the commenting rules though).

4. Lying about how many comments you have will get you disqualified (don’t worry, if it’s obviously a mistake, I will let you go through without punishment).

5. HAVE FUN! Psst, I probably shouldn’t tell you this but, if you say say “Sunrise Moon is UBER cool!” for 20 more comments added to your total!

Hope you win!

Sunrise Moon

New Sports Catalog, Pin, and LOTS of updates!

Update: I forgot to mention that there is a new Paint By Letters book! It’s called Lime Green, Dojo Clean! Don’t forget to go to the Book Room to play it!

Welcome back me! lol! I’ve been gone for a week or so. Well, there is a sneak-peek and a new Sports Catalog! Start with the Sports Catalog cheats!

First, click on the surfboard, then click on the clam, then the starfish and the Silver Surfboard will appear!

surfboard   +   clam    +   star   =   silver surfboard

Now, click on the Climbing Wall…

climbing wall

…for the Climbing Gear.

climbing gear

Ok, now for the new pin! The new pin is located at the Lighthouse Beacon.

lilly pin

Yes, it is a Lilly pin…girly, I know…


Billybob posted saying that…PUFFLES WILL SOON INTERACT WITH FURNITURE! This will be so cool! I can’t wait! Well, I gotsa go to bed (it’s 12:30 here), hope to see you on CP,

Sunrise Moon (WHO IS BACK!!!)

October 24, 2008


Update: I re-scheduled the party ‘cuz the whole time I thought I had scheduled it for Sunday, anyway, go here to see the re-scheduled date.

Update on toys: The toys are finally here! To buy them go here and to see really cool items that are rare go here.

In the Gift Shop window are two strange figures. Could they be a sign of ninjas, or just regular Gift Shop mannequins?


You can see them only for this Anniversary party so check them out! Also, you can now unlock items online! When logging into CP this sign will appear in the top right hand corner! Click on it and if you have a code or book you can get free items!

Sunrise Moon

Anniversary Party!

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First of all there is a new pin in the Dance Lounge

The new pin is the Anniversary Cake. The new party hat is here! It is a mix of all the past party hats.

To get the party hat click on the button on the fan above the cake and then click on the party hats! The Ice Cream Apron is back (for the third time 😦 ) in the Coffee Shop. Thats about it, hope to see you on CP,

Sunrise Moon


Don’t forget our party! Go here or or there for more information!

October 16, 2008

Halloween Newspaper!

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Update: I will be gone for at least today and probably tomorrow (to the fair!) so I won’t be able to post tomorrow.

First in CP news is that this years anniversary party will last two days more!

The eclipse that always makes CP dark around Halloween time may not be here this year! I’m sure G will save the day and make a new “light sucker-inner” machine.

Don’t you just love that alliteration (Eclipse Expert Extinguishes Expectations, bet you can’t say it five times and fast)? Last of all Rockhopper will be here tomorrow! I know some of you have been saying that his ship is as slow as a snail (which it isn’t) but it will all be worth waiting for! His ship adds 1, 2, 3, 4, yep you count ’em FOUR NEW ROOMS! To bad he doesn’t dock his ship for good here…

It’d be funny if when he was here you would be staring the puffle in the eye. Lol, well anyway, that’s about it. See you on CP,

Sunrise Moon

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