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November 3, 2008

Many changes in CP

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First of all, the map has changed! The Dojo isn’t a secret room any more!

Second, at the Dojo, its caved in or something! There is a free item (mining hats). You can go somewhere on top of the Dojo (weird, I know).


The hard hat has been brought back :(. Now for above the Dojo. To go above it, click on the sign with red lines around it (the top one).

Weird, isn’t it? There is a penguin digging snow out and above him is a sign that says “DIG OUT THE DOJO”. His player card is this:

Too bad you can’t ask him questions. My theory is that we have finally found the LOST VILLAGE OF THE NINJA’S! Lol, it would be really neat if that was true, I think CP is finally incorporating ninjas! One last thing, SANTA?!

Sorry, couldn’t resist from showing that penguin. Hope to see you on CP,

Sunrise Moon

P.S. (post script) thanks to O Peg to alerting me about the changes! Thanks O Peg!

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