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March 25, 2009

To Tell the Truth

I’m ready to quit blogging. I’ve gotten lazy in posting. I may stay, but if I do, I will have authors BESIDES me to post. I will still use this blog to advertise and stuff for my “projects”. It’s most likely I won’t quit, but I am ready too. Comment in and I will decide if I want to use you to post. If I do, you will not be allowed, NOT ALLOWED to post pointless posts that only have the name and less than a sentence of words. You will have to at least TRY to use correct punctuation and grammar. If there are no photos in your posts, I may add them. One last thing: You are not allowed to post something like “GO TO (insert penguin name/blog here)’s WEBSITE! IT’S AWESOME! You may advertise your website in one sentence at the ends of your posts, but nothing else like that. You can have parties, and post party info. That’s it for now!
Sunrise Moon (signing off???)

October 10, 2008

More toys

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Two more toys are heading your way (two more and a princess) They are the:

The interchangeable bumblebee

The interchangeable blue penguin

The princess (plush) and here is a view of all the toys that have been released:

I still can’t wait for them to come out! The interchangeable ones I talked about earlier are a new release by CP. The interchangeable ones will let you be able to change the bodies (e.g. put a purple body under a green head) and they will be able to change their heads! Club Penguin has also hinted at accessories like their own mini igloos (this sounds kind of like lego, I may have to get one of these) and more! This looks better than the plush toys (ten times)! I see you on CP,

Sunrise Moon

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