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November 13, 2008

New contest and the Blue Club

We are having another rare penguin contest! This penguin is over 600 days old. It has a LOT of items. It is currently not a member. Here is a picture of it:

Now for the “How to win the penguin” part. To win the penguin you must make the funniest picture. All entries will be posted onto the Funny pictures page. Here is how to take a picture. If you have a Mac computer, go here: If you have a Windows computer then follow these instructions: Hold down the button on your keyboard labeled PtSc/SysRq for three seconds. Go to Paint and click paste and then your whole screen will be pasted onto Paint. From here you can crop it down (recommended). Now just e-mail us the picture (our e-mail is or you can comment in a link if you use a photo sharing website. Here is a kind of funny story of the play CP twice at the same time glitch: I had about 6 penguins up and I made a circle with them all. They were all light blue. All these penguins said “Whoa!” and “Cool!” or “How do you do that?”. I said “It’s a glitch” and people would join my “Blue Club” and say “Were a glitch,” lol, they didn’t understand so I said “Won penguin (one is blocked on CP) is using all these penguins” and then people would say “Who is won penguin?” lol. It was pretty funny. Soon I kept saying “We are Sunrise” with all the penguins to make them look like bots and someone joined and then said “We are Sunrise” too. Lol! Have fun with the contest,

Sunrise Moon

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