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February 4, 2009

Commenting Contest!

Commenting contest alert! It’s been a LONG time since I’ve done a contest!


1st Place: Mystery penguin (probably not worth going for).

Go to to see a picture of it!

2nd Place: Pretty cool penguin.


3rd place: Get your CP name mentioned on this site and the satisfaction of a job well done!


1. Commenting only counts on this post.

2. You can use numbers (they are preferred too).

3. You can chat (you must follow all of the commenting rules though).

4. Lying about how many comments you have will get you disqualified (don’t worry, if it’s obviously a mistake, I will let you go through without punishment).

5. HAVE FUN! Psst, I probably shouldn’t tell you this but, if you say say “Sunrise Moon is UBER cool!” for 20 more comments added to your total!

Hope you win!

Sunrise Moon

January 16, 2009

Releasing the Project!

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Yes, I am finally releasing the project. It’s name: Nicepets. What Nicepets is, is a game website where you get to take care of pets (lots of pets coming soon), play games, chat, have fun, and more! I have many people working on it with me. Nicepets is only in beta-testing, not completely out. When beta-testing ends you will all get a special item. Now, go ahead, go to Nicepets (if you don’t know why that last “Nicepets” word is colored, click it and find out!)

Hope you join!

Sunrise Moon

November 7, 2008

New game coming

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A new game will be coming soon! It will be somehow connected with the trading cards coming out soon! Club Penguin seems to becoming more and MORE like Webkinz (that’s not a good thing, is it?).


Hope to see you on CP, I’m having a party soon! BTW, you can only give hints to the other people about this message. ONLY HINTS!

Sunrise Moon

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