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November 15, 2008

Mysterious blank screen and sneak-peek!

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Update on the update: If we make it to AT LEAST 14,900 hits by the end of today (I’m going by my time, which means there is 3 more hours left) then we will have a party. A way to speed it up is to go to a different site then come back then go back to the other site then come back to this one.

Update: November 17, 2008 is the last chance to submit your picture for the Funny Pictures contest! Hurry! Also, don’t forget, if we make it to 15,000 hits by the end of today, we will have a party soon!

There is a cool new sneak-peek! It’s gonna be a part of the next play.


Looks like the three little bears. What do you think it is? Comment in your ideas! Also, there is a mysterious blank screen at the HQ. It looks like ONE MORE ROOM will be added! The Dojo Courtyard has already been added so it can’t be that. I think it will be like the HQ except for a ninja version.


One last thing. If anyone would be willing to donate a membership I would be in your debt. If you do it I will give two special prizes. If you have a code for me just e-mail it to Thanks,

Sunrise Moon

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