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December 4, 2008

New Glitches (plural, yes)

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Update: We are not responsible for any bans (I don’t think you will get banned for doing these glitches though, just making sure someone doesn’t blame us for their penguin being banned if it is).

Hey everyone, today I have two awesome new glitches! They both show to everyone (everyone can see them). Here they are:


Go into anyones igloo

First, open a buddy’s playercard (make sure the buddy is online). Now say you can go into anyones igloo. When someone says “Go into mine!” then tell them to go to their igloo. Once they are out of the room, pull down the chat history (the blue arrow at the top of the CP screen that is pointing up) to the chat bar and click on the words “Go into mine!” It will bring up someone’s playercard but not load it. Click on the igloo icon and you will be in the person’s igloo!


Multiplying furniture items

Take a furniture item out of your inventory, click save, then put it back into your inventory. Do NOT click “save” yet! Now, click on your penguin, click on your Spy Phone and go to the HQ. Go back to your igloo and you will have two of the item you started with. You can do this to get an unlimited amount of items. An easier way to do it is to multiply one item, then log off. Now log on again and the item you first multiplied will be in your inventory but it will say “-1”. Now you can take out as many of the item as you want without having to multiply it so much.

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