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November 1, 2008

Commenting contest!

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Update on the update: This contest has ended. The penguin went to Eric E.

UPDATE: CONTEST WILL NOW END ON WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 5, 2008. One more thing! Hint: Highlight the post.

There isn’t very much happening on CP (except for the Halloween party) so I decided to have a commenting contest! The winner will get this penguin:

I would have given one more stocked with items but Cookie wasn’t willing to donate any of her four back-up penguins. This penguin is MORE THAN 600 days old! I will try to get him a lot of coins. Anyway to win this penguin all you have to do is comment on this post. Here are the rules:

1. No advertising

2. Numbers are allowed

3. No advertising

4. You can chat if you get bored

5. I will decide if I will show the comments or not

6. No spamming (doing comments like adjghsda)

Contest will end November 15, 2008. Thats about it! Hope you win it,

Sunrise Moon

Type in “SUNRISE MOON AND COOKIE MALT ROCK!” for 50 extra comments. Eg. if you do 100 then on the 100th comment you say “SUNRISE MOON AND COOKIE MALT ROCK!” then you will get 150 comments! Have fun! P.S. You can only use it 1 time. 

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