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February 14, 2009

Improving This Website?

What could I do to improve our hits and improve this website? Our hits are REALLY falling! I will definitely try to post more, but is there anything else I could do?

Hope to see you on CP!

Sunrise Moon

P.S. If you chose an “other” answer, comment what you chose! Oh yeah, almost forgot!

Happy Valentines Day!

February 13, 2009

New Pin, Puffle Update, and Town Change!

Yay! Puffles can now play with their toys! I never liked puffles before this because it was a waste of coins to always have to feed them and stuff like that. Now, they can eat, drink, and play with their toys and it improves their stats! All my puffles ran away (not because I wasn’t feeding them, I fed them, got offline, came on, they were gone! Same thing happened to Cookie to…) but in honor of the puffle party, I am buying a new puffle!

puffle-thingOk, I will buy a Yellow Puffle.

buyYes, I want to buy it! Didn’t I just say that though?

cheatI think “Cheat” is a good enough name, don’t you? Well, my puffle is in my iggy now, playin’ an’ a playin’. Also, they came out with beds for your igloo!

soft-pillowI need a softer pillow though ;-). New pin;

pinYou guessed it (hopefully)! It’s in the underground mine! Uh, is that it? Oh wait! Go to the Town and Plaza for a special surprise!

surpriseHighlight after this to see how I did that: Go to the one of the ladders, click above it and you will “climb” it, onto the Coffee Shop or Gift Shop!

That’s it except a couple of glitches (the multiplying furniture glitch) were fixed. Those who did it the negative way, still have the negatives in their inventory and can keep get an infinite number of that piece of furniture until you put all the furniture pieces back in your inventory! Hope to see you at the puffle party next Friday,

Sunrise Moon

Can you wait for my next project? If you see this, Comment that you saw it and I might give you a clue about my next project…

February 4, 2009

Commenting Contest!

Commenting contest alert! It’s been a LONG time since I’ve done a contest!


1st Place: Mystery penguin (probably not worth going for).

Go to to see a picture of it!

2nd Place: Pretty cool penguin.


3rd place: Get your CP name mentioned on this site and the satisfaction of a job well done!


1. Commenting only counts on this post.

2. You can use numbers (they are preferred too).

3. You can chat (you must follow all of the commenting rules though).

4. Lying about how many comments you have will get you disqualified (don’t worry, if it’s obviously a mistake, I will let you go through without punishment).

5. HAVE FUN! Psst, I probably shouldn’t tell you this but, if you say say “Sunrise Moon is UBER cool!” for 20 more comments added to your total!

Hope you win!

Sunrise Moon

New Sports Catalog, Pin, and LOTS of updates!

Update: I forgot to mention that there is a new Paint By Letters book! It’s called Lime Green, Dojo Clean! Don’t forget to go to the Book Room to play it!

Welcome back me! lol! I’ve been gone for a week or so. Well, there is a sneak-peek and a new Sports Catalog! Start with the Sports Catalog cheats!

First, click on the surfboard, then click on the clam, then the starfish and the Silver Surfboard will appear!

surfboard   +   clam    +   star   =   silver surfboard

Now, click on the Climbing Wall…

climbing wall

…for the Climbing Gear.

climbing gear

Ok, now for the new pin! The new pin is located at the Lighthouse Beacon.

lilly pin

Yes, it is a Lilly pin…girly, I know…


Billybob posted saying that…PUFFLES WILL SOON INTERACT WITH FURNITURE! This will be so cool! I can’t wait! Well, I gotsa go to bed (it’s 12:30 here), hope to see you on CP,

Sunrise Moon (WHO IS BACK!!!)

January 1, 2009

Look in the Attic!

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Hey everyone, it’s Sunrise Moon! I’m back! I had Austin 8310 post a bit for me while I was gone. The Christmas party has ended and it’s almost 2009! It looks like we are having a snow party in February because of the Lodge Attic:


If you haven’t seen it yet, go ahead! In other news, keep checking this website, we are going to have another snowball fight! I may be getting a new computer soon, the Eee PC. It’s not a Mac, but it looks cool. Hope to see you on CP,

Sunrise Moon

December 24, 2008

New Club Penguin Beginning Screen!

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There is a new CP login screen! When you first log in, you will see this:

clubpenguin-screenAlso, when you go to the HQ, you will see this on the message board:

new-messageIt’s about the new mission coming soon. The new title screen for CP disables the logging into multiple penguins glitch 😦 . Well, hope to see you on CP,

Sunrise Moon

P.S. If you are a member of Ninjasunrise’s Ninja Army, please check the Fun Stuff page and try to come for the meeting tomorrow.

December 23, 2008

New Mission Sneak-Peek, New “Project” Sneak-Peak, New Treasure Catalog, Rockhopper Left, New Servers and Long Name!

Whoo! That’s a looooong name! OK, so first, the new mission (mission 10) will be out very soon (December 29!) There is a new sneak-peak for the mission:

jpgvsherb1Looks cool! I’m guessing we will finally catch old Herb! Next I have a sneak-peek of my own… 😀 ! It is a small sneak-peek of our “project”.

sneak-peek-projectAs you can see, it is not drawn so well. I hope you can ignore that… *snickers*. Mmm, this is a good snickers! There is also a new Treasure Catalog! You can see it at Rockhopper has left! It appears he took the Coins for Change stuff. There are some new servers! They are: Northern Lights, Southern Lights, Ascent, Snowmobile, Snowcap and, last but not least, Iceshelf. I may have missed one or two…anyway, that’s about it! Hope to see you on CP,

Sunrise Moon

P.S. More party info coming soon!

November 14, 2008

New feature and grand re-opening of the Dojo!

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You can now mute the music and find out what server you are on! Just click on the question mark icon in your chat bar.


I like it! I have always wanted to mute the music (once I found out a glitch how to do it but I didn’t have a Club Penguin website then). In other news (this is big) THE DOJO HAS BEEN RE-OPENED! You have to check it out to see everything but it is so cool! There are free ninja sandals!


The best thing is the inside of the Dojo! It’s been changed a LOT! There is a gong with a countdown and then when the countdown ends you can throw snowballs at it to make it go “GONG”.


Not that exciting. Look around the Dojo, maybe you can find some ninja secrets. One last thing, we are having a ninja party soon. That is all I can tell you right now. Hope to see you on CP,

Sunrise Moon! (with an exclamation point)

November 13, 2008

New contest and the Blue Club

We are having another rare penguin contest! This penguin is over 600 days old. It has a LOT of items. It is currently not a member. Here is a picture of it:

Now for the “How to win the penguin” part. To win the penguin you must make the funniest picture. All entries will be posted onto the Funny pictures page. Here is how to take a picture. If you have a Mac computer, go here: If you have a Windows computer then follow these instructions: Hold down the button on your keyboard labeled PtSc/SysRq for three seconds. Go to Paint and click paste and then your whole screen will be pasted onto Paint. From here you can crop it down (recommended). Now just e-mail us the picture (our e-mail is or you can comment in a link if you use a photo sharing website. Here is a kind of funny story of the play CP twice at the same time glitch: I had about 6 penguins up and I made a circle with them all. They were all light blue. All these penguins said “Whoa!” and “Cool!” or “How do you do that?”. I said “It’s a glitch” and people would join my “Blue Club” and say “Were a glitch,” lol, they didn’t understand so I said “Won penguin (one is blocked on CP) is using all these penguins” and then people would say “Who is won penguin?” lol. It was pretty funny. Soon I kept saying “We are Sunrise” with all the penguins to make them look like bots and someone joined and then said “We are Sunrise” too. Lol! Have fun with the contest,

Sunrise Moon

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