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Cheats, Glitches, Game Guides and Mission Guides

We are NOT responsible for any banned penguins. Be careful when doing some glitches as they may get you banned (they probably won’t though).


Sit forward backward and sideways

Just press the arrow keys Eg. Down to sit down etc. or when your penguin is facing the way you want it to sit press S to sit that way.

Emote shortcuts

EP=puffle, ED=Sun, EN=Moon and stars, EM=Coin, ET=Sound, EW=Chocolate Ice cream, EQ= Strawberry Ice cream, EU= Undecided?, /= ?, 1= !, EL= Three Leaf Clover, EK= Cake, EH= Heart, EG= Game Controller, EF= Flower, EZ= Pizza, EC= Hot Chocolate/ Coffee, EB= Lightbulb, EI= Igloo, EO= Popcorn. If I missed any email me.

Move Shortcuts: D= Dance, W= Wave, S= Sit, T= Throw snowball.

Throw ALOT of snowballs

This cheat is really neat but others see you as only throwing one snowball. Just press T a lot while at the same time clicking your target/targets.

Stand still dancing or make a weird pose

When you have a costume that makes you do something just hold down D on your keyboard to make a weird pose and if you just do a regular dance it looks like you are standing still. I don’t think that other penguins see this though.

Snowballs from nowhere

To do this cheat you have to first either press the T button on your keyboard or click on the snowball icon in your chat-bar. Aim the snowball to go somewhere and then click and then quickly click in a different direction. A snowball should come out from nowhere right where you were standing!


To do this cool little “cheat”, put on a propellor hat (the hat that makes you fly) and take everything else off. Now bring your cursor under your penguin and quickly (not too quickly) press the S and the D button a lot. It will look like your penguin is jumping up and then falling down again.


Walk on pathways (small places that take you to other places)

Click on the pathway you want to go to then quickly click the envelope and stay there until you think your penguin has stopped moving. Exit penguin mail and you will be on a pathway! A good way to use this is to go to the Dock then go near the top right pathway and click on the far right of the tree and then quickly open your Penguin Mail and wait for at least five seconds. After this close it and you should be standing on the tree! You can use this to your advantage and act like a ninja. Here are some pictures to help you understand if this little guide is unclear:

Follow the instructions of the above picture…

If you aren’t already a ninja, you could act like you are, or just act like ONLY NINJAS can do it. Try it!

Go underneath the chat-bar

Go to a place like the Coffee shop and move to the far right and then click on the bottom left corner and you will be walking underneath the chat-bar! This glitch works in many other places, not just the Coffee shop but to do it in those places you probably have to click on the left side then the right side continually.

Have a blank chat bubble

To accomplish this cheat just click on the chat bubble button on your chat-bar when there arent any words typed in it.

How to make a make a fake bot Update: This glitch is fixed 😩

1. Make sure you don’t have any penguins on “Remember me” then log into Club Penguin

2. Make another window. Go to Club Penguin again. A “Multiple connections detected” sign will pop-up.

3. Click and hold on the “Disney” word thats right above the “Club Penguin” sign. Press enter.

4. Type in your penguin name and then press enter again. Click “Ok” and then type in your password.

5. Go into a different or the same server and you will be playing Club Penguin twice at the same time! This is good for making an army OR a design just like some real bots do!

Hiding places

Hiding places are parts of CP where people can’t see you or your name. They are pretty hard to find usually. Here are the places I do know.

In front of the tree in the Forest (the tree is above the chat-bar)

This one is lots harder to find and to get to. I am right in the blue space above the chat-bar and below the tree. To reach this place you have to continually walk click on the right side of your CP screen to the left side of your CP screen. If you do it enough and in the right places then you will get to the hidden blue space.

This hiding place is in the bottom right corner of the Mine. To get here click the bottom right corner of the CP screen. If a little hair is still showing then just bring your cursor above your penguin and press the S button on your keyboard.

Town (or other room) penguins in your igloo

This is a really REALLY hard to get right glitch. I still do not know if this is the right way to do it. The effect of the glitch is that the penguins from the room you were walking to are in your igloo. They aren’t really but it looks like it and is pretty cool. To do this glitch walk to a door or pathway and while you are walking quickly drag your cursor on to your igloo button and get ready to press it either while the room is loading or JUST before your penguin touches the door. It is really cool if you get it right (I only got it right once). It may work better if you use a non-chat server and press tab quickly until the yellow box is around the igloo button and then press it while the room is loading. It may not work. Does it work for you? Did you find if this is the right way to do it or not? If so please e-mail me at and tell me. One time it half worked I did it from the spy HQ and I got the music in my igloo (pretty cool but I don’t really like the music). Remember if this works for you other penguins will NOT see this and also remember TIMING does count!

Take off all your clothes but still have them on!

This is much easier than the above glitch. Here all you have to do is 1. Put something on (or keep what you have on on) 2. Click on your penguin. 3. Hold down D while taking everything you have on off. 4. Close your player card, find your penguin and be astonished ’cause you still have your clothes on (you don’t have to be astonished but try to be). Note: This glitch may disconnect you from Club Penguin though you can just re-load the page and get back on the server you were on.

Blank screen CP, become a secret agent (again) and more! Update: This glitch APPEARS to be fixed. I am not sure if it still works…

This is a very weird glitch and doesn’t do anything to your penguin. It just makes the screen blank and all (lol). You can even click on the star in your chat-bar and see the loading penguin and the name being Undefined (I know this is weird). To do this glitch log in, pick a server and quickly while the server is loading drag your cursor to where the chat place is supposed to be (the place where you type in words) and click. Press enter and you should see a orange popup thing (on the Club Penguin screen) that says “You must provide your penguin name to enter Club Penguin”. Click “Ok” and a blank screen appears. Everything on the blank screen is weird. Click the “M” badge at the top and you can “become” a secret agent again (if you haven’t already) and answer the questions. You can also click on your map and bring it up, trash a postcard from “Undefined”, read the newspaper and if you click on the question mark button in your chat-bar to see you have “Undefined/100 buddys” and your penguin is “Undefined” days old. It is a very strange glitch. When you are bored with it just click the site address (at the top of the page) and press enter to reload the page.

A picture of “Blank Screen” Club Penguin

Walk on weird places of the “Hydro Hopper” boat

Simply click on the blue water around the boat. Here is a pic:

Click some where in that square or below the boat (where the water is). Here is a pic of doing it right:

You can go in other places on the boat, just try clicking in the right places.

Teleport to anywhere while the room is loading

This is an easy glitch. All you do is click on a pathway and then quickly click on a penguin that is standing still as much as possible before the room loads. When the room finally loads, you will be in the same place the penguin was standing in (unless there was a wall where the penguin was, then you will end up at the bottom of the wall).

Go into anyones igloo Update: This glitch has been fixed.

First, open a buddy’s playercard (make sure the buddy is online). Now say you can go into anyones igloo. When someone says “Go into mine!” then tell them to go to their igloo. Once they are out of the room, pull down the chat history (the blue arrow at the top of the CP screen that is pointing up) to the chat bar and click on the words “Go into mine!” It will bring up someone’s playercard but not load it. Click on the igloo icon and you will be in the person’s igloo!

Multiplying furniture items

Take a furniture item out of your inventory, click save, then put it back into your inventory. Do NOT click “save” yet! Now, click on your penguin, click on your Spy Phone and go to the HQ. Go back to your igloo and you will have two of the item you started with. You can do this to get an unlimited amount of items. An easier way to do it is to multiply one item, then log off. Now log on again and the item you first multiplied will be in your inventory but it will say “-1”. Now you can take out as many of the item as you want without having to multiply it so much.

Game Guides/mission guides

Pizzatron 3000

On the starting screen of pizzatron before you click start there is a lever at the bottom right of your screen. Click on it to make candy pizzas instead of regular pizzas and make twice as many coins!

Catch the big fish at the end of Ice Fishing

Simply catch a fish, wait for the big fish to come, and use the smaller fish as bait!


At the title screen, type in 1 for level ten, 2 for level 20 and 3 for level 30. Also in the instructions at the beginning of some levels you can shoot the enemies for extra lives or more points. To find out how many coins you earn just take off the last digit at the end of your score. Example: If I had 3460 then I would earn 346 coins.

Jet Pack

If you go through the whole Jet Pack game without getting a coin (remember to empty your fuel so you don’t get coins from that either) you will get 1000 coins.

Dance Contest

Choose new game, pick a song, and now click on Cadence’s face. You will be taken to the secret challenging mode. Also, if you take a purple puffle in, it will dance with you (thanks to Sharklionjay for telling me about this)!

Agent Mission Guides

1. Talk to Aunt Arctic, you can just skip everything she says its not important.

2. Go to the Ice Rink, on your right are some pictures. Pick them up and put them into your inventory.

3. Go to Aunt Arctic’s igloo and give here the picture.

4. Next go to the Pet shop and scroll all the way to the left. There will be a note.

5. Pick up the note and decode it with the code at the bottom left of your screen.

6. Go to the Sports shop and ask G for some “Special” items.

7. Input the number you found on the note and press enter.

8. Pick up the Life preserver shooter and go to the Iceberg.

9. Take the Life preserver shooter out of your inventory and click on the penguins on the one piece of ice

10. This is a sort of minigame and its pretty easy. All you have to do is look at the wind direction and speed at the bottom left of the screen and if its really high like 80 mph then aim really far away the opposite of the wind direction. If its low like 15 or so then aim really close to the penguin you want.

11. Once you have saved all the penguins talk to the green penguin that is separated from the other group.

12. Go to the Ski Mountain and talk to the brown penguin that is crying.

13. To fix his telescope simply take out your spy phone and click the tools button at the top of the phone. Click on the wrench and drag your cursor over over to the telescope and click on it to look through it.

14. Go back to the Sports Shop and grab the grappling hook and drag it to your inventory.

15. Click on your map and go to the tallest mountain.

16. Grab the grappling hook and aim for the ledge at the top of the mountain.

You have completed your first mission! Click on get letter to get a letter in your inventory and click get medal to get a neat medal (unfortunately you cant wear it)!

G’s Secret Mission

Detective Sunrise is on the Case

Detective Sunrise is on the Case

1. Talk to G.

2. Say “I’m here to receive my mission.”

3. The answer to put in Mogul.

4. Click yes.

5. Skip through what he says it isn’t important

6. Click the sled and put it into your inventory (don’t ask me how it fits in there).

7. Click on your map and go to Ski Hill.

8. Pull out the ol’ test sled and click the Test Run

9. How long can you stay alive? I got past the cave and the dead trees and then crashed.

10. Pick up the string and the Survival Guide and then go through the far right passage.

11. Pick up the ski that is sticking out of the ground and then go through the next far right passage

12. Click on the puffles and wait a second for all of them to run away (except for the black one) and then go through the passage in front of you (with the bush and O berrys)

13. Pick an O berry move a little to the right and click on the trunk of the tree with the pan in it several times until the pan falls onto the ground and put it into your inventory then go through the passage on the left.

14. Feed the black puffle the O berry you picked. Now the black puffle will follow you around. Go through the passage with the O berry bush.

15. Pick two more O berry and then go to the far left and enter the passage with the stream.

16. Put your ski on the rope in your inventory to make a fishing rod then put an O berry on it for bait. Take the fishing rod out and click on the stream. Once you have caught the fish put it into your inventory. Take out your pan and dip it into the stream and put it back into your inventory then move to the left a little and pick up the log and put it into your inventory and go through the passage with the cave.

17.  Click on the bushes and then go into the cave.

18. go to the far right and click on one of the rocks for all of them to form into a rock circle.

19. Pull out your log and put it in the rock circle and then pull out your survival guide and put it over the log.

20. Move so the black puffle is about on the circle and then give him a O berry.

21. Put the fish onto the fire and then pick it up again. Put the water on the fire and then click on it.

22. Go outside and talk to the penguin. Now talk to G.

Get the Medal and the Letter (cant wear the medal) and you have completed the second mission!

Agent Sunrise will guide you through this mission.

Agent Sunrise will guide you through this mission.

1. Talk to the new agent (the guy in front of you). Say “Have you noticed anything strange around here?”. Then say “Did the door appear to be tampered with when you got here?”. Say “Thats good. Now open up the door again so I can look inside.” Now it doesn’t matter which one you choose.

2. Go to the office. Turn till you get to the couch. Click under it and grab both the paper clip and the computer card. Go to the computer.

3. Put the card you found under the couch into opening on the left. Click my files. Click combination number. Remember each letter for each number. In this case I have to remember N4 E5 S4 W0. Now that you did all of this go downstairs again.

S = South N = North W = West E = East

S = South N = North W = West E = East

4. Now go into the safe and talk to the new agent. It doesn’t matter what to choose here. Once you have finished talking to the agent your spy phone will ring. Answer it and go to the HQ.

5. Talk to G. Say you want to see the video. Click the video and then click out. Click “Ok. Do you have any suggestions?”. Click “Ok thanks G is there anything else I need to know?”. Click on the drawer G opened. You can just grab a bunch and add them to your inventory or you can decode them using your code on the bottom right.

6. Go back to the gift shop and then the office and try the keys you chose. Go back to the HQ and get new ones if they weren’t right or if one was right then go and give them back to G anyway. Then go back to the office and go into the door or try your keys.

7. In the grate in the background is a tuft of white hair. Grab it and put it into your inventory. Now pull out the spy phone and click on the tools button at the top of the phone. Click on the wrench and then click on the POWA BOX’s screws. Put the wrench back into your spy phone and then click on the inside of the POWA BOX. Put the paper clip in the middle of the box. Now go downstairs and into the safe. Click on the coins.

8. It doesn’t matter what you say to the agent. Now click on your spy phone and go to the HQ. Talk to G. Say the paragraph on top. Say one of the things with the white fibers in the sentence. Give the fibers to G. Click “Sure what do you need me to do?”. Click on your map and go to the town. Talk to the brown penguin. Say the top sentence. Go back to the HQ talk to G and then move to the right to where the map is and click on the purple thing on the cabinet. Go back to the town. Go inside the nightclub.

9. Turn on the flashlight and move to the right until you see the speaker before the puffle speaker. Move to the far left or far right and click on the fusebox. The object of this part is to turn all the buttons green. When you click one red button all the buttons around it including the one you chose will turn green.

10. Once the lights go on again click on your spy phone and click visit HQ. Talk to G, say goodbye and you’ve finished the third mission! Click get medal and get letter and they will be added to your inventory. Now click end mission. If this guide is unclear then email me at

A new agent disguised as a sailor will help you through this mission

A new agent disguised as a sailor will help you through this mission

1. Talk to G. Click ‘I was informed that an avalanche occurred on Ski Hill’. Now click ‘Where can I find the life preserver shooter?’

2. Go into the Gadget Room. Move the screen till you are at the shelf. There is a life preserver shooter on the top shelf right next a life preserver. Pick it up and drag it to your inventory. Leave the Gadget Room and the Penguin HQ.

3. Keep turning the screen until you get to a mannequin penguin and then pick up the belt on the mannequin and drag it to your inventory. Leave the Sport Shop and talk to the brown penguin that is crying. Say ‘I can take a look.’ and click on the place with the motor part of the Ski Lift. Put the belt on the middle of the screen and then go back. Talk to the brown penguin again and then pick up the tuft of white hair at the bottom of the Ski Lift and drag it to your inventory. Go to the Beach and then the Light House.

4. Keep turning the screen when you are inside the Light House until you get to the boat with the rope in it. Pick up the rope and drag it to your inventory. Go back to the Beach and then go to the Ski Village. Go into the Lodge.

5. Turn till you get to the ‘Gone Fishing’ and pick up the fishing rod right next to the cooler. Drag the fishing rod onto the life preserver shooter and then drag the rope onto the life preserver shooter. Go outside and then go up the mountain. Go down the ‘Penguin Run’.

6. Click the far right passage, click the middle passage, click the middle passage again, click the far left passage and then click the far right passage. Drag your life preserver fishing rod shooter thingamajig onto the broken fence.

7. This is a fun little mini game. What you have to do is grab the penguin on the branch and put him on the ledge with the big boulder. next bring your life preserver over to the far right and click to break the branch twig. Pick the penguin you put over at the boulder back up and bring him over to the far right and pick up the second penguin. Bring the second penguin onto the branch so it leans a bit and grab the third penguin. Now pick up the penguin you put on the branch and bring all the penguins onto the ledge with the rock. The rock will fall and the last penguin will be on a easy-to-reach ledge. Pick up the first, second and third penguin and bring the last penguin up.

8. Bring the life preserver shooter into your inventory. Talk to G. Say that you did find the white fur and bring it out of your inventory and give it to G. Now it doesn’t matter which one you choose. Get the letter, the award, and the medal and you have finished your fourth mission!

Spy and Seek guide

1. Talk to G. Choose all the top sentences to say EXCEPT for the last time. The last time choose the second and third from the top. Pick up the battery looking things and then pick up the rubber duck and the blueprint (on the wall). Click on your map and go to the Dock.

2. Talk to the green penguin that is working on the boat. Ask if you can help him and then pull up on brown switch near the back of the boat. Ask to borrow the air pump and then drag it into your inventory. Go to the Plaza and click on the yellow penguin. I’d skip the corny (but pretty funny jokes) and click on the big piece of gum between the penguins. Put it on the duck and go into the Forest and pick up the stick near the entrance. Click on your map and go to the mine.

3. Talk to Rory (the construction penguin on the mine shack) ask how you can help and then click on the mine side. Arrange the boards like this and then pull the metal thing down. Here is a picture:

Once you do that talk to Rory again and then click on the mine cart. Weld (click and hold on the cracks) here is a picture of that:

Talk to Rory one more time. Put a transmitter inside the mine cart that you just welded and then click it to send it off! Go to the Ski Lodge.

4. Talk to the penguins playing Find Four. The first pieces are on the ladder. The second ones are on the stool next to the telephone and the third are on the windowsill. put them all on on one of the pieces in your inventory. Go upstairs and click on the ones on the crate that is between the couch and the armchair. Click on the string next to the rug. The next game pieces are on the crate on the other side of the couch. The next pieces are on the table with the record player and then the ones after that are next to the typewriter. The last ones are beside the rocking horse. Go downstairs.

5. Give the pieces to the penguins and then add the string to your makeshift “kite”. Go to the mountaintop and put the kite on a transmitter. Put the transmitter on the pole in the middle of the mountain. Go to the Iceberg put the duck in the water and you should get a call from G. Go to the HQ.

6. Talk to G (right below to the map). Choose all the top sentences. Pick up the Binoculars 3000 and go to the Ski Lodge and go through the “Gone Fishing” door. Turn the screen all the way to the right and drag you binoculars out and click on the lake. A video will play and then you will get a call from G. Say both the top sentences and then go across the lake. Pick up your old Spy Phone and put it on your binoculars. Put the binoculars in the tree to the LEFT of the passage you came through. That is the DARKER tree. You will get a call from G. Go to the HQ.

7. Talk to G and then a video will show up. Wait for the video to end, collect the Medal and the Gift and you have completed mission 9!

Mission 10, Waddle Squad

1. Talk to G. It doesn’t matter what you click.

2. Go to the Town, then go into the Gift Shop. Talk to the manager. Pick up the box of stuff, the pile of stuff, and the table and put it in your inventory. Now talk to Rookie and ask if he needs help.

3. Go to the HQ, right next to G will be a box of stuff. Pick up the solar panel (near the top of the box). Go to the Town, then Gift Shop.

4. Talk to Rookie, pull out your solar panels and attach them to the end of the cord. Now you will have to fix the machine. To do so you will be given a solderer, and an eraser so to speak. Use the solderer and click the starting at the bottom color things, going up. You cannot cross lines. Here is the right way to fix the machine:


Of course, you have to click and connect the last red piece. Now go to the Beach.

5. Talk to Jetpack Guy (I agree with Austin 8310, bad name), and say you’ll help him. Go into the Lighthouse.

6. Move all the way till you see the cream soda barrels. Pick up the one in the front and put it in your inventory. Go to the Beach.

7. Talk to Jetpack Guy. Say that you have the barrel of cream soda. Give Jetpack Guy the cream soda.

8. OK, this part is pretty hard if you don’t know how to do it. What you have to do is make the containers around equal. Use this table:


To use this table, you must make it so each number equals the number it’s supposed to be. Don’t get it? Here is an example. You start off with the first cup having 8 ounces or whatever, the second cup having 0 ounces, and the third cup having 0. So you will already have the number at the top of the list, 8, 0, 0! Now you have to pour the 8 cup into the first 0 cup and you will have the second line on the table. Continue doing this until you have the numbers 4, 4, 0. Now go to the Dock.

9. Click on and talk to the green penguin. Say “Excuse me, I don’t suppose you have any rope.” then say “Yes, I would.” Go to the town.

10. Click and drag the table out in front of the Gift Shop. Click and drag the box of stuff and put it in front of the table. Click and drag the pile of stuff and put it on the table. Now go into the Nightclub.

11. Drag and put the rope on the machine. Click on the red lever. Bring out your spyphone, click on tools and take the wrench out and put it on the metal panel (on the machine). Arrange the gears like this:


Open your spyphone, go to the Dock

12. After seeing “Herbert” go to the Nightclub. When you see Herbert, pull the lever.

13. Take Jetpack Guy’s jetpack (does that mean we can now only call him guy?) and drag it into your inventory. Drag all the lights till they are pointing at the solar panel.

14. Basically, choose an answer to all the questions, finish the mission and collect your medal and gift!

If you know any cheats or glitches or want write a guide that I don’t have listed then email me and tell me it at or if you find any problem with a glitch, a guide or a cheat then please email me too.


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    see ya around

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